Herrick Lipton, the CEO of New Horizon Counseling Center, believes that behavioral health should be the focal point of healthcare. Ensuring emotional and mental stability is not only vitally important in its own merit, but it also keeps people from neglecting or abusing their physical health. Providing tools for behavioral health means providing the foundation for a long, healthy life. Herrick believes that everyone should be able to have a worry-free mind and when people are able to deal with their mental health issues in a worry-free environment, they will ultimately live life to the fullest.

Being able to improve the status of an individual’s behavioral health allows people to make better life choices, improve their physical health, be able to handle the natural twists and turns of life, allow for better growth in their lives, and improve the health of their relationships overall. Herrick is passionate about his organization’s ability to help people find this relief in their lives so that they can take back more control.

It is New Horizons Counseling Center and Herrick Lipton’s perspective that when individuals are able to improve their mental health, communities will also become stronger. By tailoring each person’s care according to their background and goals, every client that enters New Horizons is able to have a clear path to what they want to achieve and are given guidance and assistance at every step of the way. Herrick and his team want to make sure every person that enters New Horizons is greeted with a caring team member, given a list of available programs to assist them, and given the tools to succeed.

Founded in 1981, New Horizons has 5 core values that everyone sticks to: empathy, teamwork, flexibility, accountability, and empowerment. During the time of its founding, the United States had been slashing the budget on services to accommodate the mentally ill. Instead of keeping with the status quo, this counseling center sought to help those who were being affected by the budget cuts. The founder, Dr. Isac Bechor, believed that those who needed the most help in society were getting the least assistance and vowed to make it his mission to help them. Today, Herrick Lipton is committed to picking up where Bechor left off because society, on the whole, is still putting mental health treatment and assistance below where he believes it should be.

When Herrick Lipton first became involved in New Horizons Counseling Center it was as a teenager. He never doubted the great work that the center did and made it his life’s work to help those afflicted with mental illness in any way he can. Since he has become the Chief Executive Officer of New Horizons Counseling Center, he has focused on not only removing the stigmas surrounding behavioral healthcare, but improving options and ease of access for thousands of clients every year.

Herrick started his career at New Horizons as the administrative and financial director of the counseling center. For many years, he has always made it his mission to listen to the needs of his local community. In August of 2014, Herrick worked with local government officials to strategically approach the opening of Howard Beach Outpatient Clinic: what would improve its outreach and overall status as a local resource? The answer was all in the location. Moving out of a nondescript building into an accessible storefront model helped remove the clinic’s stigma and make its purpose more clear to people who might need it. Herrick’s focus was not on cutting corners, but allowing people to find the center, and have its location be in a safe area so they can get the help they need in a place that feels comfortable. Since Herrick has taken over the role of CEO, New Horizons has increased its number of clients from 800 to 6,000 and still going strong. It’s important to note that with this swell of clients, New Horizons is still committed to providing each with customized care for each individual.

Herrick Lipton works within numerous aspects of behavioral health through his role at NHCC, including developmental disabilities, Alzheimer’s and elder care, alcohol and substance abuse, and mental illnesses in children, adolescents, and adults. One of his first realizations after becoming CEO of New Horizons Counseling Center was the need for diversification; every behavioral health issue has its own unique set of needs, so every issue should have its own targeted program. That’s why Herrick works on not only revamping existing programs, but creating new ones that more directly help patients. This way of thinking also fosters inclusiveness in the community and further makes it comfortable for new clients to seek after New Horizons’ services. Adding more programs and services lets people know there is help available and that they are not alone.

As we move toward integrated healthcare delivery systems across the board, Herrick is working to make behavioral healthcare a key component. From better outreach to simply encouraging people to take the first step, Herrick Lipton is constantly trying to share education and awareness about the importance of behavioral healthcare.

Herrick has managed to make NHCC thrive in a time where many behavioral health organizations unfortunately fold under mismanagement or lack of funding. His executive direction has resulted in license renewals, massive grants, and governmental citations, all of which point to a bright future not just for New Horizons, but for thousands of patients in the New York area.