Do Fidget Spinners Help With Anxiety and ADHD?

Chances are good that you’ve probably seen a fidget spinner in stores by now. This newest trend is supposed to calm anxiety and relieve symptoms of ADHD, are wreaking havoc in schools, but are they really helping?


Originally developed in that 1990s, a fidget spinner is a small hand-held device with three prongs that spin around through ball bearings within the middle of the spinner that allows it to spin freely. Spinners didn’t become popular until recently, when claims that these spinners allow the user to increase their focus on other tasks and reduce stress and anxiety.


According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), there are about 6.4 million children living in the United States who have been diagnosed with ADHD.


Experts don’t believe that these spinners are going to do much for those diagnosed with ADHD because there is no evidence that proves this to be true. An article written by Time Magazine in May 2017, the claims are just not properly researched at this time. Fidget devices that children with ADHD can play with occupy their mind, but it’s not clear as to whether it’s actually helping with the symptoms of the disorder.


Tactile toys like fidget spinners and yoyos have been all the rage across the masses of children and teenages, but not always beloved by teachers adn parents. Across the country, many schools have banned these spinners because they are disrupting classes and causing children to not pay attention to their curriculum. In this way, these fidget spinners can actually be a distraction, not a cure for anxiety and ADHD.


While they will not do harm to a child or teenager, it’s arguable whether these fidget spinners do any good in the way of helping cope with the symptoms and stresses that go with anxiety and ADHD. What is clear is that these companies that manufacture and sell these toys are marketing to do just that, and that’s not likely to change as long as these toys remain popular among our youth.


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