A New Year’s Resolution to Keep: Making Your Mental Health a Priority

After the ball drops in Manhattan and New Year’s Eve celebrations die down, many of us turn inward to look at ourselves and figure out how we can make this new year the best year ever. It could be that we vow to get physically fit, we might promise ourselves that we’ll finally quit smoking, or we could say we’ll take steps to get enrolled in school and earn that degree we’ve always wanted. For most of us, creating a list is one thing, carrying them out is quite another, but this year, we should each take a moment and make a promise to make our mental health a priority.

Mental health is an integral part of our lives, whether you’re a child or a senior citizen because it is the way we perceive the world, how we interact with loved ones, how we feel about ourselves, how we perceive and deal with stress, and how we make decisions about our lives. Make this year the year you work on yourself from the outside in and make your mental health a priority.


Move as much as you can

Depression and other mental illnesses can make the simple act of getting out of bed seem like an impossible task. If your mental health needs attention, going for a walk and exercising can give you a boost in your confidence and energy levels. When you’re depressed, any exercise you’re able to get is an achievement and you should also make sure to give yourself with a healthy reward when you’re able to sustain a more active lifestyle.


If you’re still struggling to exercise, try simply getting out of bed and fighting the urge to go back to it for as long as you can.


Stop dieting

Every year, millions of people go on a diet in attempts to lose weight and feel better about themselves. Instead of going on a new trendy diet or cutting out a food you love, try implementing new, healthy foods into your diet slowly. If you’re struggling with body image, dieting can exacerbate these feelings of inadequacy, especially if you’re unable to lose weight in the time period you want.


Make time for those that you love and that love you

As adults, we all struggle from time to time with scheduling enough time for friends and loved ones when life at work and home get busy. Making time for those you love and that love you is really important and you should try to set aside at least one time a month for a get-together. Along those same lines, you should be careful with your time and yourself when it comes to friends and stop making time for those that put you down or add more stress to your life.


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